We run seasonal events every year in Clevedon Community Orchard. In January we have Wassailing where people of all ages come to sign the Wassailing song, hang toast on the apple trees, eat cake and drink cider. We have blossom viewings and summer picnics and, in the Autumn we harvest the apples and send them to a local cider press. This gives us a supply of cider for the whole year to enjoy at our social events. 

In the past there have been opportunities to go mothing and to learn about brush cutting and scything. We are very grateful for the hard work of the Woodcutters for Wildlife who undertake all the pruning, routine clearing and other maintenance of the orchard. 

In 2014 Dee Holladay did a survey of the flora of the orchard and the results can be seen here http://orchardflora.wordpress.com/.